Some secrets have to be buried to be revealed.

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When the earthquake hits, the narrow, corkscrew turn that leads into the labyrinth of tunnels underneath Misery Rock collapses. Martin Campbell and his friends are stranded. Their guide’s leg has been crushed by a rock too big to move. They’ve brought only a sandwich each and have very little water. If they don’t find another way out soon they will no doubt die in here. So, as Martin’s sister stays behind to care for their guide, Martin sets out with friends Ethan and Cynthia to find another exit.

But being trapped underground might not be the worst of their problems. Martin, Ethan, and Cynthia have each brought secrets into these tunnels. They are secrets about each other and themselves. They are secrets that, when you’re trapped underground, could push you to madness. And they are secrets that at least one of them is willing to kill for.

What readers are saying:

“Amazing ending.”

“[Buried] kept me turning the pages.”

“If you like suspense with an edge, you will love this novel.”

“The ending was a surprise to me.”

“This I read in one afternoon. The psychological twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat….and the ending…OMG!!!”

“Top notch.”

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